Jelimo vs Semenya

Semenya vs. Jelimo

The women’s 800m field for the 2012 Olympics Games is looking to be stacked! You’ve got Caster Semenya (2009 World Champ), Pamela Jelimo (2008 Olympic Champ, 2012 World Indoor Champ), some Russian chick Mariya Savinova (2011 World Champ), Kenya Sinclair and Erica Moore. With Jelimo getting her form back, it’s hard to go against her…but oh wait there’s a man in the race! Caster Semenya is looking just as good as he she ever has. But enough with the gender jokes, Caster’s a woman and sucks for whoever disagrees.

Looking Right!


After Jelimo won the Olympic Championship in 2008, she must’ve gotten to comfortable, like females after marriage, because she started sucking soo bad. She ran a 2:05 at the 2009  Prefontaine Classic (she won the Olympics in 1:54.82). Semenya on the other hand was making a name for herself. She set the WL two times in ’09, the final time was in the WC Final where she ran a 1:55.45.

Stinkin' up the track

she is more muscular than me... 😦

Looking like Usain Bolt. #winning

Roll around to 2K10, nobody cares about that year. Nothing really important, Semenya is going through gender tests and Jelimo is trying out the Alan Webb Diet©.

In 2011, Semenya dolled herself up a bit and continued to be a force to be reckoned with on the track. Jelimo on the other hand was even worse than the year before. She ran a 2:09 at the Pre Classic and didn’t do much after that.

Nice Braids.

Now days, Semenya is just getting into form while Jelimo already has a major championship under her belt. She won the World Indoor title in a time of 1:58.83.

I'm back, B!tches

So, the real question is, who is more intimidating?

Mortal Kombat on them Ho's

Finish Him!

Jelimo has 4 arms, Semenya has abs of steel. It’s a tough one but, I KNOW that one of the two will win the 800m at the Olympics, which one of the two is the trickiest part. But, that’s what predictions are for. Semenya is an ox, she runs with brute strength and power while Jelimo is more speedy. 

At the end of the day I’ve gotta go with my instinct…

Semenya > Jelimo (bro’s gotta stick together – Man Law)


4 thoughts on “Jelimo vs Semenya

  1. Are you done with the comparisons? You’ve got some really cool stuff here, but I could see how it would be tough to keep it up.

  2. i think it is no good to post such nonesense on media coz what do u do if ua got with such.the world should barn such characters coz matters with health should be kept private.

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